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Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil is the elixir for good health. I recently purchased a bottle of high quality Extra Virgin Olive oil and have been feeling proud of this smart purchase. Why? Because I know that not only does olive oil add a unique flavor to your food but it also responsible for offsetting a number of diseases and ensuring our good health! Here are a few benefits of using olive oil in your cooking.Olive oil against Cardio Vascular DiseasesThe health benefits of olive oil are credited to not only the high amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids in this oil but also the high amount of antioxidants. Extra Virgin Olive oil is the best form of olive oil as it is derived from the first pressing of olives carry the highest amount of monounsaturated fatty acids and have great amounts of antioxidants like Vitamin E and phenols. This is one of the reasons why when buying olive oil, you should try and get Extra Virgin Olive oil. Olive Oil also protects the heart against problems as it controls the bad LDL cholesterol level in o...


Top 7 Beauty Foods

It is no secret that food can play an important role in the way you look. After all food, health and beauty are all part of one loop! For those who would like to resort to easily available beauty food as against expensive and ineffective cosmetics here are the Top 7 Beauty Food you simply have to include in your diet!Beauty Food 1 - Drinks = WaterWater, water and water! Drinking water can help you remain slim and keep your skin healthy. Drink water before each meal to control your appetite. After all its one of those few 0 calories items!Beauty Food 2 - Milk Product = YogurtOf course it's preferable to go for low fat yogurts. Yogurts easily fit into the Top 7 Beauty Foods because of the high amount of calcium that will guarantee strong bones, beautiful nails, good posture, and a beautiful smile. A cup of low-fat yogurt has 450 milligrams of calcium, much more than what a similar cup of milk can supply. Yogurt also has copious amounts of zinc which is great for your skin!Beauty Food 3 - Seafood = Wild Salmon...


How To Grill Chicken?

Amongst most non vegetarians, chicken is almost always a favorite. I love chicken and though I have tried to turn vegan plenty of times, chicken, especially grilled chicken always draws me back!! To make a perfectly cooked, succulent and well flavored grilled chicken is not too difficult especially if you know how to. It is simply important that you don't under cook or over cook your chicken. If it is undercooked it poses a problem for your health and if over cooked it destroys the chicken. Here are a few steps that will explain how you can grill chicken:Grilling seasoned chicken?1. Clean out the chicken cavity and wash it well under cold water. Pat it dry and then season the chicken.2. Ready your charcoal grills with some hot coals and then push them to one side.3. Brush the hot grill grate with oil. Use long tongs and hold a towel soaked in oil to do this.4. Put the chicken breast-side-down on the unheated side of the hot coals i.e on the side of the hot coals and not over it.5. Cover and cook for 30 minute...


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